In this article, I am going to provide my opinion SAP CPI vs Dell Boomi. This reference is just to give you high-level thoughts from my view, which means you should think of your requirements and priority of your company strategy. Put extra effort on your due diligence to decide which one is the right fit for your organisation.  This topic here will help you somehow in your decision.

Go with SAP CPI

  • If you’re an all-in SAP shop. The product teams across various LoBs within SAP talk to each other. That means the CPI content they deliver every quarter is in sync with the latest developments on the source and destination it connects to.
  • If you have been using SAP PI/PO and have in- house PI/PO expertise. By the way, SAP PO 7.5 also comes packed with a CPI runtime => CPI content created on the cloud can be run natively within SAP PO.
  • If your long-term cloud strategy is in line with SAP’s. SAP is a cloud- first company. CPI, for all its lacunae, has come a long way. With some of the best engineers and product managers at SAP working on CPI, it can only go north from here. Betting on CPI for fulfilling strategic IPaaS needs is certainly not a bad idea.

Go with Dell Boomi

  • If SAP footprint in your IT is small or negligible.
  • If you’re attempting a green field implementation.
  • If your consulting team is more functional than technical. Learning curve for Dell Boomi is really gentle compared to the steep learning curve of SAP CPI – your functional consultants can easily pick up on Dell Boomi.
  • With over 100+ out of the box connectors, use Boomi if you’ve a disparate array of cloud and on-premise systems that needs to be connected.
  • If you’re running on a clock to get your project done, use Boomi for its incredible implementation and turnaround speeds. There’re also more Boomi developers out there to be hired than their SAP CPI counterparts.