This article is a kind of presentation that I have prepared for one of customer’s demo. WSO2 EI (Enterprise Integrator ) has Message Queue functionality inbuilt in product along with Data Services, Business Process engine and Analytics.

However this article, mainly focused on EI integration with Kafka product to show you how easy to integrate other third party Massage Queue system like Kafka with WSO2 EI.

I like the fact that WSO2 products are 100% opensource, which means there is no different version that you run in laptop and enterprise infra. However, the deployment models other configurations are different, also you can able to create custom extension component as you wish. WSO2 has more than 150+ free connectors for WSO2 EI, IS (Identity server) , you can just download use for purpose.

WSO2 Enterprise Integrator with Kafka

This provide high level view integration of WSO2 EI with Kafka. I will more step by step instructions in another blog soon. please post your comments