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Remote ssh setup to guest Ubuntu Machine running in Windows Hyper-V

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I like windows but I love Linux OS. If we have both in one place, which will be great for doing many things. Fortunately, we have window 10 with Hyper-V. Having this combination of both OS in a single place… Continue Reading →

API Security layers in MuleSoft Anypoint platform

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API Security is one key feature in any of API Management platform. As Mule Anypoint Platform as IPaaS ( Integration Platform as Service) is bundled with these features, which means that Mule Anypoint platform can protect used as API Management… Continue Reading →

SAP CPI Vs Dell Boomi

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In this article, I am going to provide my opinion SAP CPI vs Dell Boomi. This reference is just to give you high-level thoughts from my view, which means you should think of your requirements and priority of your company… Continue Reading →

WSO2 EI + Kafka = 100% Message delivery

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This article is a kind of presentation that I have prepared for one of customer’s demo. WSO2 EI (Enterprise Integrator ) has Message Queue functionality inbuilt in product along with Data Services, Business Process engine and Analytics. However this article,… Continue Reading →

Serverless Architecture Patterns for Integration

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Serverless Architecture Patterns for Integration

Mulesoft Anypoint SSO with Active Directory Integration

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I have worked on interesting API Management project for one of leading bank as Mule Integration Architect, where the requirement is to integrate, SSO Mule Anypoint platform with Azure Active Directory. I would like to share my experience with readers… Continue Reading →

WSO2 + Docker + OpenShift is great

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1 . Introduction Following are some steps to carry on to configure WSO2 API Manager Product in RedHat OpenShift platform for demo purpose (here minishift). Configuration for production-grade OpenShift platform deployment will differ from the following steps. The environments that… Continue Reading →

Comparison of Mule vs Tibco vs RedHat in overall

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I am writing this article as a comparison as I was looking some for integration product evaluation inception phase. These are some of the facts that triggered while doing a comparison. So I have started with these 3 products in… Continue Reading →

My view of Solace VS Kafka

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Solace with Kafka comparison Feature Kafka Solace Broker Simple broker that takes a log file approach to storage and replay. Offers high performance for simple pub/sub, struggles to support features that require knowledge of state or changes to published message… Continue Reading →

Drupal 7 vs 8 Key differences

Comparison between Drupal 7 and Drupal 8   Drupal 7 Drupal 8 Type of Content management software (CMS) Content management software (CMS) Cost Free Free Released January 5, 2011 October 7, 2015 Maturity Older, matured with time, and has lots… Continue Reading →

Why an Enterprise needs EA Repository?

My recent presentation on why an Enterprise needs EA repository

WSO2 products are with Apache 2.0. So what’s difference from GNU GPL?

I got this same question when I downloaded WSO2 product for the first time. WSO2 Products are licensed with Apache 2.0. So people like me who have similar doubt, please see below for the quick difference. The intention of this… Continue Reading →

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